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Are you looking to become a truck driver? Or are you looking for a refresher course to help improve your driving skills? Our experienced instructors at Bus & Truck Driving School offer a range of LGV training courses, designed to help you become a better all-round driver. We are dedicated to working on a plan that works around your requirements, book an initial consultation today.

LGV Training in Enfield

Learn at your own pace and book your lessons 7 days a week, between 7am and 5pm.

  • 3 day LGV training course - 12 hours of tuition

  • 5 day LGV training course - 20 hours of tuition

  • 7 day LGV training course - 28 hours of tuition

LGV Driving Courses

With our intensive LGV training courses you can expect to improve your driving rapidly, boosting your chances of passing much sooner. You will receive one-to-one tuition running from a couple of days to weeks if required.


If you are simply needing a refresher before your test, then we can provide an individual lesson that consists of a one-off 2 hour lesson.


Do you need to pass a bus driving test? Take a look at our bus driving tuition lessons.

Intensive LGV Training - Boost Your Pass Rate!

Looking for quick success with your LGV test? Book an intensive course with our instructors today, call

 07939 203 232

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